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Apabila laporan menggemparkan pertama kali disiarkan dalam New York Post beberapa hari yang lepas, MiM mengambil pendirian untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang kesahihan laporan tersebut.

Rakan blogger RBF telah menulis dengan panjang lebar tentang keraguan validiti laporan tersebut, lebih-lebih lagi portal tersebut berpaksikan gossip.

MiM juga amat ragu dengan laporan tersebut. Adalah mustahil untuk DS Najib Razak sebagai Perdana Menteri tidak mengetahui latar belakang menantu beliau sendiri. Malah, MiM percaya, Anwar Ibrahim sendiri sangat tahu latar belakang suami Nurul Izzah.

Perkara fundamental mengenali calon menantu dan keluarganya sudah pasti keutamaan Najib Razak dan isteri, lebih-lebih lagi jawatan Najib Razak sebagai perdana menteri.

Malangnya, media pro-pembangkang mengambil kesempatan gosip ini dan terus memburuk-burukkan Najib Razak dan isteri tanpa usul periksa. Tindakan tersebut sangat mengecewakan.

Dan sekarang ternyata bahawa laporan awal New York Post itu tidak benar belaka! Media pro-pembangkang mengigit jari sekali lagi!

Apa yang kita tunggu sekarang ialah sama ada media pro-pembangkang akan menyiarkan perkara yang sebenarnya seperti laporan terbaru New York Post di bawah!

Di bawah adalah laporan penuh yang mengesahkan bahawa menantu Najib Razak dan ibunya telah difitnah oleh pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Kita sudah tentu tertanya-tanya, apakah Anwar Ibrahim terlibat di dalam konspirasi memfitnah menantu Najib Razak itu?

Sila baca di bawah :

She’s no apartment-stealing international fugitive grifter - she’s just a real housewife of New York.

In a revealing interview from her $20 million apartment overlooking Central Park, Maira Nazarbayeva yesterday denied her multi-millionaire ex-husband’s sensational allegations about her - including that she conned him out of their 4,000 square foot apartment and is wanted for a host of crimes by Interpol - and maintained that she and her ex, Bolat Nazarbayev, are still married.

"There’s never been a day when I’ve had a fight with my husband,” Maira, 50, said of Bolat, who’s the brother of Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

"I consider myself married and in a good relationship with my husband. And I’ve never seen a document related to divorce. I’ve never signed anything nor have I received anything.”

The exotic beauty also denied that Bolat was the one who’s suing her and her son from a previous marriage, Daniyar, for over $20 million in damages. She said when she spoke to Bolat on the phone a few weeks ago, “he was in shock to learn about this lawsuit.”

"He indicated that since he didn’t sign anything and his signature is not on any court documents, that he was surprised to hear that this took place,” she said, speaking through a translator.

Bolat’s lawyer, John Snyder, declined comment, referring a reporter to his lawsuit - which tells a much different story than Maira.

It says the pair were “purportedly” married on July 10, 2001 - sources said Bolat suspects she was using an alias and was married to somebody else when they got hitched - and they were divorced in September of 2009.

He was also granted an annulment in September of last year, the lawsuit says.It was a year before the split, in 2008, that Bolat tasked Maira and her son Daniyar with buying some Big Apple real estate. He says he gave them a power of attorney so they could buy an apartment in his name “without the need for Bolat personally to travel to the United States.”

Instead, the suit says, Daniyar bought the apartment in stepdad Bolat and his mom’s name - and his mom then turned around and sold it to Daniyar for a buck.

Maira insisted there was no funny business. She said she never used any aliases and was single when she and Bolat tied the knot, and the palatial apartment was always intended as a crash pad for their kids.

"It was purchased for the use of my children while they were studying in the United States. That was always the intent,” she said.

"Only in the last year and a half was it used by me and youngest son,” 10-year-old Khanbolat, she said.She also took aim at the suit’s claims that Daniyar, 24, was a high school dropout who’d scammed his way into Columbia. “The story is all made up,” she said.

She said her dashing son is enlisted in the British military, and is still engaged to Nooryana Najwa, the daughter of the Malaysian prime minister. “They are very saddened by the news that is coming out in the press about all these unsubstantiated claims,” she said.

As for the suit’s contentions that she’s wanted in Kazakhstan “for various crimes, including kidnapping, use of threats of physical harm to extract funds from a business associate, and using criminal threats to force another person to transfer real property to the name of a family associate,” they’re nonsense."

"I had lived and worked as a housewife during my relationship in Kazakhstan with my husband,” she said. “There is no factual basis for this information.”

While The Post has seen what appeared to be an official Interpol “wanted” notice for Maira, her spokesman, Ronn Torossian, noted that she’d travelled abroad in recent weeks without incident, and planned to again in coming days.

"She’s never been accused of any crime until this,” he said.Maira’s lawyer, Lubov Stark, said her client would challenge the allegations in court.

"My client is a very private person and would lke to keep all of her legal matters private,” she said. - 
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